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Regarding Miyako Odori at Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza

The Gion Koubu Kaburenjo (where Miyako Odori has been performed) is temporarily closed with“Onshukai” in 2016 due to the initiation of long-term building maintenance (earthquake protection measures) .

The 2018 performances of Miyako Odori will be held at Kyoto Art Theater “Shunjuza” on the campus of Kyoto University of Art and Design, continuing from 2017. Performances will be held three times daily from April 1st through the 24th.

Further information regarding the contents of the performance, registration instructions, ticket purchasing, etc., will be made available in further announcements. We greatly appreciate your continuous support and patience.
Thank you.
Gion Koubu Kabukai

About Miyako Odori

In 1872 (5th year of the Meiji Era), as tea and dance performances by geisha and maiko were to be opened as “Tsukehakuran entertainment” at the Kyoto Expo, Jirouemon Sugiura (9th generation proprietor of Ichiriki-tei) and the 3rd generation Yachiyo Inoue initiated the first “Miyako Odori,” inspired by Kamenoko-Odori dance of Isefuruichi district. Miyako Odori has since been held uninterruptedly for over 140 years until today. The performances are brought together with the jikata singers on the right and the orchestra playing on the left, while the maiko appear on the hanamichi passage yelling, “Yoi Ya Sa.” The dances begin with the first scene “Oki Uta” before proceeding to express the changes of the four seasons on stage: spring, summer, fall, winter, and spring again. We hope you enjoy the gorgeous dance performed with the precise techniques backed by the tradition of Inoue school of Kyomai dance.

Miyako Odori
x Students

Students from the three schools of Uryuyama Gakuen – Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Institute of Design, and Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language – will welcome guests of “Miyako Odori” with welcome art, a shop, and information for international visitors.

22 Maiko Interviews
Welcome Art

Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza

Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza was opened at Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2001. It is the first full-scale theater to be managed by an institution of higher education in Japan.

Although both the audience seats and stage was built based on orthodox kabuki style, the theater was designed to be adaptable to present contemporary plays and other performances. While having such prerequisites for kabuki performances such as the hanamichi passage way, trap-doors, revolving stage, toya, and mechanisms for midair performance, the theater is also equipped with an orchestra pit for opera and other similar performances, which is utilizable for all kinds of stage performances. Since 2013, Ennosuke Ichikawa has served as Artistic Director

Information on Food and Beverages

Please feel free to use the café and cafeteria before and/or after the performances

Breath KUAD
Student Cafeteria
Verdi Le cafe Artisanal

Outline of Miyako Odori at Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza

Kyoto City Tourism Association Public Interest Incorporated Association & Gion Kobu Kabukai
Co-sponsor|Kyoto University of Art and Design
Running Period
April 2018 1st (Sun) ~ 24th (Tue)

Performance times

3 performances a day (each approx.50 minutes)
1st performance: 12:30pm start
2nd performance: 2:20pm start
3rd performance: 4:10pm start
* Note: performance start times are different from last year

Tea Service Times

1st service: 11:20am-12:20pm (12:30pm performance start)
2nd service: 1:10pm-2:10pm (2:20pm performance start)
3rd service: 3:00pm-4:00pm (4:10pm performance start)
* Note: tea service will not be available after performances
Fees (including tax)
Miyako Odori Viewing + Tea Service 4,600 yen|Miyako Odori Viewing 3,500 yen
Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza

Access Information

2-116 Uryuyama Kitashirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8271 Japan

・From JR Kyoto Station
Take city bus No.5 bound for Iwakura and get off at “Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae” stop (approx. 50 min)

・From subway Kitaoji Station (Kitaoji Station Bus Terminal)
Take city bus No.204 bound for Ginkakuji and get off at “Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae” stop (approx. 50 min) (Note: Subway Kitaoji Station is approx.. 15min from JR Kyoto Station.)

・From Keihan Demachiyanagi Station
Take city bus No.3 bound for Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae and get off at “Kamehatecho Kyoto Zokeidai-mae” stop (approx. 15 min)
Take Eizan train (transiting at Keihan Demachiyanagi Station) and get off at Chayama Station, followed by approx..10 min. on foot

・From Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Take city bus No.5 bound for Iwakura and get off at “Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae” stop (approx. 30 min)
Take city bus No.3 bound for Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae and get off at “Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae” stop (approx. 30min)

Note: Travel times are approximates and may change depending on weather and traffic conditions.
There is no parking at the university, so please refrain from coming by car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

Temporary Bus (City Bus)
Extra No. 5 buses bound for Kyoto Station will depart from Kamihatecho Kyoto Zokeigeidai-mae following after performance times